All new plant-based menu! New life skills curriculum!

GTL Culinary Camp

Teaching children healthy eating and living habits for a lifetime!

Early registration going on now! Camp starts June 22, 2020


Our Signature weekly culinary venture around the globe teaches campers the origin of the meals they'll prepare and a lesson in geography! This year we'll invite guest chefs from different cultures to share authentic recipes.

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Includes camps for no-school days, school breaks, holidays and adult programs too!

Parents Night Out

Birthday Parties


Adult Classes

Meet Our Guests

We've invited health professionals in different areas to come speak and interact with us on the benefits of great health. They'll share their expertise in subjects they know. Parents are welcome to come on the days they will be present.

Lisa A. Smith is a serial entrepreneur, health and wellness subject matter expert, nutritionist and professional speaker. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a masters in business administration. She is also certified in plant based nutrition and the executive director of the Plant Based Nutrition Support Group. She is the author of The Plant Based Foodie and creator of the plant based course, P.H.A.R.M. TO TABLE.

Kerrie Trahan has traveled internationally studying the art of Yoga. She is the founder and owner of Yoganic Flow where she and other instructors teach the healing power of yoga and holistic self-care.